Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Fish ( Every Day In May )

Day 19 and the topic is More Fish.

Since it's about fish again, i'll just post up some pictures from trips that were sucessful and enjoyable.
Thanks for viewing and hopefully i'll catch some more tomorrow to add to the photo albums.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fish ( Every Day In May )

Day 18 and the topic is Fish.

Happy Friday to all, today I will focus on the species of fish that are sought after in the rivers that I fish.
First up is the Largemouth bass. Aside from some of the trash fish that are found in the local flows, this has to be one of the most sought out fish around these parts. They can be found in lakes, rivers, and stock tanks.

Next up is the Hybrid bass, it is a cross between species of bass to be found in the local rivers. These fish enjoy more current and pound for pound have to be one of the hardest fighting fish around here.

One of the prized fish to catch out of the local river is the Smallmouth bass, they have been crossbred and are one the hardest fish to target. It's usually luck when you come across some and they are usually in the heaviest current breaks. One of the nicest looking fish in the river for me.

The true prize on the river is the Guadalupe bass, a pure strain is a rare find now days but they are still there. They are found in very few rivers in Texas but are common in my home river. Not growing to a large size but a lot of fun on a 0-2wt fly rod.

The easiest fish to catch around here is the Sunfish, while they come in many different species they all have the same attitude. Something just fell in the water and i'm going to eat it. I can't tell you how many times i've had to go to a larger fly just to keep them off the hook, does'nt work all the time though.

Another surprise fish that you come across occasionally is the Rio. When you hook one of these your first thought is of a nice bass. A very strong fighter and eager to devour a fly.

This fish, the Rainbow trout is the icing on the cake. I don't have to travel outside of the state to catch one. I can actually find them 15 minutes from the house. While they are not native, they do survive because of the cold water in the Guadalupe river. Stocked each fall and winter by the local chapter of Trout Unlimited as well as the state makes it nice that you can stay close to home and catch them.

While these fish are not all of the species found in the rivers that I fish, they are what I target and enjoy catching the most.
Thank's for following along and hope to see you on the river some day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fly ( Every Day In May )

Day 17 and the topic is FLY.

When I started out fly fishing, my first flies were some that were purchased from a chain store. Then I graduated to a fly shop, which pretty much had the same flies. Then I was approached by         DragonFly Angler Flies about trying out some of the warmwater flies that he was hand tying, and that is where the boundaries were changed. Not only was the quality of a custom fly better than what I was finding in the stores, but the durability is what is the most impressive part to me. Except for the few that i've lost to the tree gods the remainder are still being used to this day.

Here is a look at some of the flies that I am using from him.

Panfish Treat

Currently he is tying me some Deer hair poppers and some Cajun Cheerleaders for me to try out on the river here.
Cajun Cheerleader

Panfish Hair Popper

Support your local fly tyer........................................

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leader ( Every Day In May )

Day 16 and post title is Leader.

When I started out fly fishing the leaders that were used were specific to the species that I was fishing for. While they seem to do the job that they are asked to do, you always find yourself searching for something different. Fishing for bass, the flies are usually larger and it takes a pretty good combination of rod, line, and leader to turn over these larger flies. Upon searching I came across an article on furled leaders and their ability to turn over large flies with less effort than store bought ones. After some research I was able to get my hands on some for bass fishing as well as some for chasing trout and smaller fish.
I have been using the furled leaders from Christopher Fave Fly Fishing. He makes custom hand tied tapered leaders, what I can tell you from using them is that they are strong and hold up well to the stress that i've put them under. Nice guy to do business with and very reasonable on the price, plus great service. If you are in the market or just want to try one out you will be satisfied with them in my opinion.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Line ( Every Day In May )

Day 15 post and the topic is Line.

I'm not much of an expert when it comes to choosing a fly line for a rod. Not only should it match the weight of the reel but you need to closely match the type of fly you will be slinging to the appropriate line.

Since most of my fishing is done on the rivers here in South Central Texas I have only used weight forward line, since most of what I throw are either poppers or boogers. The depths that I need to present to can be reached using the WF line by adjusting the length of your leader and tippet, or by adding split-shot.
There are so many manufacturers of line that I chose a different route from the mainstream producers and went with a line made by Flytooth Flyline. They make a brand called Razorstrike and I am currently using it on my 7wt rod.

As for casting, the line is very smooth and has minimal stretch. With the forward taper it does an excellent job of turning over larger flies.
The best advise I have for finding the right fly line is to ask others or visit your local fly shop.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rod ( Every Day In May )

Day 14 and the topic is Rod.

That's the great thing about fishing. No matter how you fish or what you fish for, they make a rod for it. They come in different lengths as well as different actions, not to mention the different sections one can be made into. Almost forgot, different prices as well. You can purchase one through the mail, over the internet, at a sporting goods mega store as well as the local fly shop. You can also have one custom made.
I have been making custom rods for years and added fly rods to the mix when the bug hit me a year ago. Before I built myself one, the new BVK rod from Temple Fork Outfitters was my rod of choice for chasing bass.

The first one that I made for myself was built on a TFO Professional series blank and since i'm in Texas it had to have a little hometown flavor added to it.

The second rod that I built for myself is a 5wt on an MHX custom High Modulus, Fast Action blank.
It was completed with carbon fiber handle and a rattlesnake skin inlay wrap.

Matthews Custom Fly Rods

Matthews Custom Fly Rods

This has got to be the smoothest casting rod that I own. It will put the fly wherever you point and has the backbone to manhandle bigger fish.
Building a rod for a customer is a lot of fun, the true reward are the compliments that are sent in by the customer letting you know how much they appreciate the detail that was put into it as well as how much better it performs than their high dollar store bought rods.
Must be doing something right because the waiting list keeps growing.

Matthews Custom Fly Rods

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day ( Every Day In May )

Day 13 of the blogger challenge and the topic is Mother's Day.

Mother's day is both a sad and a joyous kind of day for me. Let me explain, I lost my Mom a few years ago and it brings back a l ot of memories that make the day sad for me. The joyous part comes from looking at my three children celebrate the day with their Mom, my wife.

My Mom was my best friend as I grew up. She was the one that I could always talk to as well as open up about anything at any time. She was the same woman that would keep quiet whenever myself or one of the little brothers did anything wrong. Just like any mother, she was the best multi-tasker that I have ever seen. The house was always clean, clothes were always done and put away and dinner was always ready on time. We were just asked to keep the yard maintained and do the kitchen cleanup duties.

Mom on her wedding day

 My Mom was a Gymnast, a Cowgirl, Professional Bowler, as well as a Cheerleader in her High School days. As my children got old enough to play sports, she would come to all of their games. Her competitive nature rubbed off on my children as they excelled in the sports they were involved in.

When she got sick, she still fought for a few years until it finally took the fight out of her. That was a side that I had never seen of her but could never blame her.
I wish she would have been here long enough to see my little brother get married as well as the birth of their first child. I could see her smile even though she wasn't there. She would have been proud of the way my children have grown up.
If I could have one wish today, it would be the ability to call her up and just talk for a little while.
Like so many of you were able to do today.

I would also like to think my wife for all that she has done over the years to nurture our children the way you did. My Mom would have been proud.

My Family