Friday, June 29, 2012

G'morning from the Perdanales

Couldn't believe the alarm was going off this morning, not for work but for a short fishing trip.
Having the day off had me excited for a week about hitting a river i'd never fished before.
Driving thru the Hill Country I was able to see the beauty that people who live in the city only dream of, how I love living outside the city. Where else can you slow the truck to a near stop as a Turkey crosses the road followed by two of her offspring without a care in the world.
Upon arriving in Fredricksburg I turned off the highway and headed to my friends house who had invited me to fish a section of the Perdanales river that was only accessable through private land.

This section runs deep with a nice mixture of grass and reeds lining the bank. Stringing up my new Matthews 5wt and tying on a Zazzy Pop popper, it was time to slide the Coosa into the water.

Paddling over to the far bank I began tossing the popper around the grass line. This was the first time for me to use the new rod and the speed and action of it were great. After a few casts the popper landed in a pocket of grass and after one twitch it disappeared into the depths of the green water. Setting the hook, the bass exploded skyward trying to shake what had just bit back. The fish took me to the reel and after tiring I was able to lip it and take a few pictures before releasing her to fight again.

Paddling to another spot I made a cast alongside a log laying in the water. Upon the fly hitting tha water it was gone, setting the hook I was met with the surprise of a very large perch. This thing filled up my hand and put up a great fight. Another picture taken and another fish released.

The trip then came to an abrubt halt as the phone rang and we were loading up the kayaks to go chase some cows that had got out. Ahhhhh the country life. I will return.