Friday, October 18, 2013

Take a Hero Fishing

There is a great feeling that comes with giving back. Whether it be something that seems easy to you or something that is a task, if you go about it the right way it will be rewarding regardless.
Driving into the Hill Country with storm clouds up in the sky sets your mind racing to the events that will occur during the day as I was volunteering my time to take a Hero fishing.

This would be the second time this year that I was able to assist on one of these events and just as much fun as the first one done in the spring. After arriving we started getting all of the gear rigged up for the many people that would join us to fish today. The joy of it was watching and helping children of these soldiers catch their first fish.

The event was successful and everyone of them caught fish on this day.

The bonus came later in the day as we were allowed to slip the kayaks into the water and fish the same water.

With the wind blowing and rain falling I worked a grassy shoreline surrounded by deep water that had bass exploding on the top hitting dragonfly's as they landed on the grass. Tying a popper on I began to throw into the grass and began to catch and release one bass after another, with the occasional very large perch exploding on the popper as well.

After the storm blew through I paddled over to a tree filled area and again worked the popper with better results as I landed some four pound bass and lost a few larger ones due to leaving the net at home.

Can't say enough about how much I enjoy being able to give back to the people who do their best to protect our freedom.

See you on the water......