Thursday, May 31, 2012

Achievement ( Every Day In May )

Day 31 and the topic is Achievement.

If you were to ask me what achievement have I accomplished lately, the answer would be that i've completed the Every Day In May blogger challenge. It's hard to take a topic that is given to you each day and put it into words that others might enjoy reading. To those of you that actually read them, I thank you.
A few years ago I was able to achieve something that I had no intention of doing. On a Pheasant hunt just outside of Grand Junction Colorado, the weather turned warmer than normal for a fall day and the chance to finish the day fly fishing arose. Having never fly fished before, they gave me a few casting lessons and away we went.

I held my own for the day catching some bows, brown, and brook trout. The cutthroat were there but not interested in any offerings. At dinner that night, the mention of a Trout Slam came up. In order to get it, you had to catch one of all four species of trout that were common to the area in the same day. I took them up on the challenge and viewed this as a major achievement for someone not accustomed to fly fishing.

The morning started out feeling a lot more like fall, with dew on the ground and a chill in the air. As soon as the cast landed in the slow moving stream, the fly dissapeared in a quiet sip on the surface. As the rod lifted up, the bow came flying out of the water and wore down after a struggle. The first fish was now checked off the list.


The next fish to come to the net was a very healthy Brown. I spotted it walking a trail as it rested in a pool below. With the help of the guide, I was able to direct a cast in his direction by listening to his instructions as I false casted from my knees after sneaking down the slope. Being told to stand and release the fly, I watched as it dropped over the side and the big brown rose from the depths to smack it. The fight was brutal but it came to the net as well and another fish was checked off.


After lunch, we made a move to a different section to concentrate on catching a Cutthroat. This would prove to be the hardest fish to catch. After casting a vast assortment of flies, it was decided to change up to a dry. It appeared from under a patch of matted grass at the edge of the bank. As it cruised towards me I put the fly around it cast after cast with no attention paid to it at all. Upon seeing me the Cut made a turn and headed back from where it appeared, before reaching the grass, the fly landed on top of the mat and as the fish approached I flicked the fly into the open and it dissapeared in a boil. Lifting up on the rod I could hear the guide running into the water to net the fish. The fish was lifted and a roar could be heard through the mountains as I celebrated.


In all of the excitement and determination to catch the Cut, it seem's that we forgot about a Brookie. We moved to a different section and on my first cast I was able to hook and land a Brook and achieve the slam.


It turns out that my slam was only the 12th slam in over two years. The Cutthroat are the hardest species to catch on this section and is the fish that most people never catch. Now I know why the guide was jumping up and down. It was his first as well. What an achievement for him.

Recieving my Grand Slam pin
I did try again the next day, and never could catch another Cut.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish Philosophy ( Every Day In May )

Day 30 and the topic is Fish Philosophy.

I fish, therefore I am..................................................pretty Philosophical if you ask me....

Some descriptions of philosophy are attitude, viewpoint, idea, thinking, and way of life. This describes fishing to a T for me.
I always have an attitude when fishing and will do everything in my power not to get skunked. The viewpoint for me is that I fish for fun and reward. If need be I could fish to provide for others.

Fishing is a way of life. It is on my mind constantly and get's me in trouble quite often. I live for my family but also to fish.

As I often tell my wife......there are a lot worse thing's I could be doing than fishing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colorado River Campout

Finally had a weekend off so myself and four friends did a 13 mile section of the Colorado River below the town of Bastrop. We arrived at the put in at 8:00 am and proceed to unload trucks and pack up the kayaks. After a thirty minute round trip shuttle, it was time to head out into the off colored water.

While I wait for my Big Tuna kayak to come in, I was able to use one to test it out in the solo paddler position. The space and layout of the kayak are great with room for the 30qt K-2 cooler behind the seat and two dry bags in the back compartment, I was able to fish with a clear deck in front of me. This kayak is so stable I was able to fly fish standing up in the current, while it is not setting any speed records due to the weight, I was able to keep up with everyone and be extremely comfortable in doing so.

The fishing started off slow but as the day grew hotter the bite actually got better. I caught fish on a Clouser as well as a popper when fly fishing, the rest of the time they were caught on a Pop-R and spinnerbait.

After reaching the island we were to camp on just before dark, I found that the recent rains had caused a wall of debris to be packed into the trees where the hammock was going to be hung. Could thing someone packed an extra tent, it sure came in handy. After securing everything and having dinner, most of us were tired so we decided to turn in.

Waking up in the morning I ate a quick bite and packed. Shoved off from the island into a strainer and made a quick cast with a popper, one twitch and the surface exploded. Landed her and felt close to six pounds. After taking quick pictures I slid her back in the water to fight again someday.

All total I averaged close to 40 bass a day. I took pictures of the nicer ones as well as some of the scenery. Now just need to be patient as I wait with anticipation to do it again next weekend.

Inspirations/Aspirations ( Every Day In May )

Day 29 and the topic is Inspiration/Aspiration.

There are many things that inspire me, probably too many to go into detail about. My biggest inspiration is my family, everything that I do in life is for them.

As far as Aspirations, besides aspiring to be the best parent and husband that I can be. I also aspire to be a better fly fisherman. I've fished all my life and this has been a great challenge for me. A challenge that is looked forward to every day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

News ( Every Day In May )

Today is day 28 and the topic is News.

Think i'll not report on the news and instead I would like to thank all of our service men and women who have fought and continue to fight and sacrifice to keep up free.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bucket List ( Every Day In May )

Day 27 and the topic is Bucket List.

A Bucket List usually consists of things you would dream of doing before you die, or become uncapable of doing them. I'm sure many of you have one and feel free to comment on here what one is the most important to you.
At the top of my list if I had a list would be to live long enough that one day when I have grand kids i'd like to be able to share the joy of fishing with them.

Another box to check some day is a guided trip down one of the great Trout rivers of the world.

Would love to catch a Tarpon on a fly rod.

The Devil's River in Texas is one of the most beautiful and remote river's that we have in the state. Really would like to spend a week on it with some friends.

These are just a few of the things I would like to do. Would it bother me if these are not accomplished, probably not. As long as the big item on top is made possible, all else is material.

What's on your list...........