Monday, September 10, 2012

All in the Family

Had to make a trip to Louisiana for a wedding and since my brother and I didn't get to take our dad fishing for Father's day this year we planned a little pre wedding fishing trip. My brother set it up with a guide and we made our way down wondering if anything would be caught since hurricane Isaac had just wrecked havoc on the Louisiana coast.
( Since it was a guided trip offshore no fly fishing took place. Probably would have hooked a family member if I did.)

Arriving late at my Cousins house we quickly unloaded and headed to the casino. After giving the casino gods some money we arrived back at the house and settled in for the early wakeup.
Driving to the marina we were able to see some of the washed up boats and destruction left by the winds and heavy rains. Meeting up with the guide it was discovered that the bait boat was not in the marina and in order for the trip to continue we would have to hunt him down out in the open Gulf before any fishing could begin.
After over an hour the phone rang and he had found us, another long boat ride insued and finally bait was to be had. With the waters so messed up with the infusion of so much freshwater, plans were changed and we set out in search of redfish to start the day.

With a baitwell full of shrimp we reached our first spot and started throwing the bait under a poppin cork towards the grass flat. It didn't take long before we were into some nice redfish as they were cruising the flats feeding.

My Dad's first red of the day

We were able to boat quite a few redfish and kept ten to clean for a fish fry.
My Cousin and his first red of the day

Later in the morning the bite got quiet so we headed further out in search of some trout. We pulled in ten keeper trout before it was all said and the shrimp were all gone.
My Brother and his first of the day

My first of the day

Nothing beats getting to spend time on the water with family. The wedding was great and we clean up pretty good.