Monday, September 19, 2011

Preview of the K2-Cooler

Living here in Texas where the majority of your summer is spent in temperatures over 100 degrees you will find out very quickly what your cooler is made of. I do the majority of my fishing and camping out of a kayak so having ice for more than a few hours is of importance. There have been so many times while on an overnighter on the river i've opened up the cooler to eat lunch only to find that the ice has melted and I still have a day to go, you just can't go get more ice when you are miles from civilization.
I will be heading out this weekend and will be putting the new K2 Cube 30 through the paces.
Reasons why I chose the Cube:
1) Needed a cooler that could retain ice for 1-3 days while out in the sun.
2) Needed to be able to fit in the tank well behind my seat in the kayak.
3) Has to be sturdy enough to take the beating endured during river trips.
4) Could not empty my wallet.
5) Had to have enough room for food and drinks.
6) Needed to have strong handles.

The Cube by K2-Coolers looks like it will be able to handle what I am asking of it.
Being roto-molded and well insulated, it is designed to keep items cold for days. It is made to take abuse and comes with metal latches and heavy duty built in handles.

As soon as my trip is done I will post up a review of the cooler.

PS: Did not come with the nice stickers, did that myself.