Sunday, September 11, 2011

Panfish on the San Marcos

Having never fished the San Marcos river and with the current conditions on the Guadalupe river I set out yesterday morning in an attempt to find a place to launch and catch a few fish on the fly rod. After a Google search there appeared to be a campground around Martindale that had a launch for a fee so this is where I set my destionation for.
After paying the five dollars and putting the kayak in the water I proceeded to go down stream tossing a popper and catching a few scattered fish here and there. After a little break I decided to go upriver and check it out. Once I passes the 1979 bridge the water got shallow enough that I tied the kayak off to my arm and proceeded to wade and fish while continuing to go upstream. The results were the same as I made my way to a low water bridge before the Martindale Dam and decided to turn around and fish my way back. Changed the fly out from the popper to a Panfish fly that JW at Dragonfly Angler Flies put together for me for the rivers that I fish and it proved to produce right away. Not only did I start catching fish right away but the size of the fish started to get larger. I didn't catch a bass on this trip but as I explore different sections of this beautiful river i'm sure I will. With it's greenish tinted water and the coolness of it on a hot summer day I can say that it is a nice hidden treasure.