Monday, August 29, 2011

Fishing with the Ladies

I was approached by my oldest daughter in a text message asking if I would take her fishing over the weekend in the kayak. The last time she fished with me was over fifteen years ago due to the fact that she didn't like to go to the restroom on the bank. My youngest daughter decided she would like to come along as well so a trip was made to pick up an extra kayak and plans were made.
I woke them up Sunday morning and we loaded up all of the gear as well as a cooler full of water and gatorade to help out with the extremely hot weather. After a quick stop to get a liscense for the oldest we were soon launching the kayaks on the Guadalupe river. I had them rigged up with some ultra light spinning reels with small spinnerbaits and I was throwing my 4wt Matthews fly rod and Solitude reel with a box full of Dragonfly Angler flies.
We fished for a few hours with very little to show for it. The temperature was around 109 degrees and the bite was extremely slow. With the fishing slow it was time to cool off with a little swim. The advantage of this area is that the springs from the Comal river dump cold water into the Guad at an intersection where they meet and makes for a cool resting place.
It was great to get to spend time with my daughters today, which was also my mom's birthday. I'm sure she was looking down on us smiling today.

Thanks girls