Thursday, June 18, 2015

(Bucket List) Alaska Fly Fishing.......Check

As you get older there are certain things that you want to do before you are hopefully called above. Some of these things you want to share with family and the rest for me pertains to fly fishing. When the chance came to go on an Alaskan cruise, I immediately began searching for a fly fishing trip at one of the stops along the way. One that caught my eye was offered by Bear Creek Outfitters which offered Fly in Fly out services based out of Juneau. My cousin who was on the trip asked if he could join in which I thought was great since he has never fly fished.
The day started with rain as we waited to be picked up. We soon arrived at the Outfitter and were fitted with waders and boots the dropped off at the plane pond. This was a first as I hopped into the plane and readied for the twenty minute flight. The scope of the scenery can only be described as amazing. The perspective of flying low and between mountains gives you a new vision on flight.
The landing was smooth and we were soon on the sandbar meeting our guide and getting filled in on the conditions. Seems the Salmon hadn't moved in yet so we would fish the sandbar for a short time before the tide came in for Dolly Varden trout.
This sandbar would soon be completely underwater. I was able to start fishing while our guide gave casting instruction to the three others. As I waded along the bar a few fish were rising but with water at the top of my waders they were still out of reach. A sea lion popped up about twenty yards in front of me so that was my cue to exit. We then packed up and moved a half mile to a stream that fed the bay looking for the trout. It didn't take long for my cousin to catch the first fish of the day and his first on a fly. I might have said something about beginners luck and the great instruction that I was giving him. It was exciting to see the smile on his face.
It wasn't long before I hooked up and landed a nice fish. This was another one to add to the list of species caught on a fly. While they are not a large trout, they have a ton of spirit and fight.
Out of all the pictures that were taken, this has to be my favorite. It is of my cousin Gus and the great form and loop he has for a first time fly fisher.
We ended the day with at least a dozen fish caught by each and he is still rubbing it in about catching the first and most. Told him it was the lucky fishing shirt that my wife talked him into buying. Guess the shirt worked. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the scenery pictures below. It has been a long time since I posted anything.