Monday, January 28, 2013

Trout on Glass

Yesterday I had a few hours and was able to get away for a quick trip so after gathering a few things and driving to the Guad it was time to catch some trout on the new Matthews Fiberglass rod.

This was my first time to fish fiberglass but it didn't take long to put a smile on my face. The casts were crisp and sensitive. Wading downstream I stopped and talked to a few fisherman and all had the same response, the flow is down, water is murky, and the fishing is tough. Proceeding to an area and tying on a streamer I began to cover some water without any luck so I switched over to a nymph rig and covered more ground.

With this not producing and occasionally seeing rising fish my strategy changed and a dry fly was tied on with an emerger dangling six inches from the hook. After a few casts a bow slapped the dry and missed but the next one to hit was not so lucky. After a good fight the fish was brought to hand and quickly released after a picture.

Here is the video from the take to the end shot on the Go-Pro.

Rainbow on the Guadalupe River from Robert Matthews on Vimeo.

The fight on a fiberglass rod was fun as you got to see in the video. Can't wait to fish it again.