Saturday, May 12, 2012

Something Completely Different ( Every Day In May )

Day 12's topic is Something Completely Different:

Something that I have been enjoying this year has to do with outdoor photography. To me it's different because it's not something that was taught to me. Using an Olympus waterproof camera, my I-Phone, and a Go-Pro camera I have been able to record some nice pictures from my adventures in the outdoors. Using a simple photo editor I am able to make them look old time just like the pictures that I grew up looking at.

While I am not a pro at this, it is a lot of fun and easy to do. Give it a try sometime.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Waders ( Every Day In May )

Day 11 post is on Waders:

The great part about fishing the rivers in Texas is that there are very few months that you actually have to wear waders. I purchased a good pair of Hodgeman waders back when the Sportsman's Warehouse was going out of business, these were to replace the neoprene pair that had a small leak somewhere in them that doesn't want to be found.. Just like everything else to do with fly fishing, there are many varieties available, from many different companies so do your research before purchasing.

Since a lot of my fishing is done from a kayak on the river i'm really not concerned about submersion with waders on because my PFD is always on and fastened securely instead of laying behind me like I see so many others do. When I started trout fishing this fall I was concerned with stepping off a rock into deeper water with the waders on and not having a PFD on when wet wading. I took care of that worry with the ONYX Belt Pack Manual Inflatable PFD. If I happen to step off into deeper water all that you do is pull the tab, and upon inflation tuck your head into it and no worries.

If this is something that you worry about and maybe it even affects the way you fish in the winter, there is a new choice out there to help you out. The folks at William Joseph Fly Fishing have come out with a pair of waders that will self inflate with a Co2 cartridge or manual inflate with a pull tab. When activated the upper section of the waders are inflated by a bladder to help you out of the situation you might step into. This will be my next pair that I get for myself. I have their Tsunami bag and if the quality of the waders is the same as they put into the bag then all is good.

WST Wader

 When choosing waders I feel it is important to get what your budget will allow. Choose a pair with a good belt and welded seams. I use stocking foot waders because I like the comfort and stability of wading boots better than what comes on boot waders. But to each their own.Since I spend a lot of time on the road I am always finding new areas to fish with the abundance of creeks and rivers around here. My waders and boots are always in the back of the truck because you never know when you will need them. Have fun and be safe on the water.

Now if I could only get some WST's and a lunch box..........

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conservation ( Every Day In May )

Day 10's topic is on Conservation.

Conservation is percieved in many different ways. Growing up, fish was a daily meal and if lucky a bonus fish fry on the weekend. About the only time I have fish now is either at a resturaunt or when I head down South to Louisiana to fend off my Redfish craving.

Most of the fishing that I do these days is captured in the pictures that I take. After taking pictures the fish is released to fight another day, either on the end of my rod or someone else's.
To this day I still have no regrets of the 11lb bass that after measuring and taking a few photos I was able to watch her slowly swim away to fight another day.
In no means am I implying that it's wrong to keep your legal limit of fish for your own personal use. If there were more people that ate fish in my house as there were when growing up I would be right there with you. Now i'm hungry for fish.........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grinning and Laughing ( Every Day In May )

Day 9 of Every Day In May.

There is nothing like hearing the joy of someone as they laugh out loud, it is sure to make you grin or put a smile on your face. Some of the greatest days that are filled with laughter are days that are shared on the water with family and friends.

I'm fortunate to have a few great rivers close to where I live, and both are perfect for kayaking as well as wading. There is nothing like hearing the roar of laughter rolling down a river whether from the fight of a fish or just common conversation that makes you laugh.

It's always a joy and surprise when my kids ask to go fishing. For years we were always on the road going from one town to the next as they played competitive sports so there was never much time to go fishing with them. I would have to go solo during the week to get my fix while they were in school. Now that they are in college we have gotten to fish more frequently and it's always something that is looked forward to.

And remember.....Laughter is the best medicine

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hatching (Every Day In May)

Day 8's topic is Hatching.......

I know a little bit about the subject because people are always saying, are you matching the hatch. My follow up usually begins with the brim of my hat being adjusted downward some more, so less eye contact is needed.
You see, I am just a simple man. Give me a handful of lures, something to toss them with and I will catch fish......matching the hatch or otherwise.

So to keep with the context of this topic I have Googled it and here is what I chose on the subject from Fly Fishing For

Fly Fishing for Beginners - Matching the Hatch

"There are a lot of factors when trying to determine the correct fly to be using. First a couple main points you should know. There is a lot of activity happening below the surface of the water. Fish are feeding on insect larvae and nymphs. Small minnows, leeches and worms are available for food. In fact, fish feed primarily under water. With that in mind, if you want to catch fish, using nymphs or streamers is your best bet. But, in my opinion, nothing compares to laying that dry fly out into the seam, waiting for that fish to rise to take the fly, and BAM, seeing the fish come out of the water to take it. Swiftly set the hook and bring it in.
In general, hatches of certain insects generally occur during specific times of the year. For instance, large salmon flies hatch in western Montana in May and June. Most local fly shops or sporting good stores will have hatch charts showing what insects are hatching for a particular time of year. You can also find hat charts at
Using hatch charts will get you close, but it helps to know the exact insect and size. A good way to determine this is to take a small net (like those used to catch fish in an aquarium) and catch anything floating on the surface of the water. You can also hold the net underwater to determine what nymphs may be floating by. Keep in mind that what you catch in the net (especially underwater) can differ from bank to mid-stream. Try your best to match what is in the net to your fly selection.
Yet another great source is your local fly shop's web site. Many fly shops update their sites daily describing what flies are working in the area. Sometimes the hardest part is determining what the fly looks like from some the obscure names that are sometimes listed on the sites.
Last, I'm a firm believer of simplicity. It's been said that many flies are now tied to catch fisherman, not fish. Keep to the basic patterns. That is all you should need."

The other thing to come across while searching was this sweet reel that is appropriately named HATCH.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Working (Every Day In May)

Day 7. and the topic is Working.

Most of us work so we may be able to provide for our families and if lucky we have enough left over to pursue a hobby, such as fishing.

Then there are those that get paid to fish yet call it work. How could you possily call that work.
Being that I fall into the first category, my family is provided for and fishing is made possible but supplemented by my other hobby of custom rod building. It's hard to use what you make working to feed your fishing habit when you have kids in College.

As Huey Lewis once said " i'm taking what i'm giving, cause i'm working for a living".

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Praying ( Every Day In May)

I do believe in praying but don't believe in praying for useless things........
That's not to say that when out on the water and you have a monster fish on that you don't ask for a little help. Pretty sure I might have said one when this was on.......

 Or how about when the fish aren't biting and you ask for a little help and offer to release all captors in return.

I will say that the power of prayer is amazing, and I believe that if she wasn't recieving all of the prayers that she got that night, i'm sure she wouldn't have been able to be in this picture fishing with me.