Monday, March 26, 2012

Muddy Water Mystery

The Guadalupe River was calling my name today as I sat catching up on some paperwork this morning. After working all weekend, who was I to say no to the river.
We had close to 4 inches of rain last week and the river showed it as I was greeted with a nice flow and some off colored water. Beside taking the TFO fly rod, I took two bait casters knowing that the flow and debris would affect the fly fishing and they might come in handy. After launching I worked hard with the fly rod and a wooly bugger trying to entice a bite but none came. It seems that it would take some commotion to stir these fish up, a few casts later with a Pop-R and the dinner bell had been rung as a nice three pound largemouth smashed the topwater as it deflected off the root of the Cypress tree. As the day wore on I was able to produce the same result many times with quite a few fiesty bass coming off as they exploded into the air trying to get rid of what they mistook for a meal. The weather was great and the fishing better.

The last three times that I came up to this tree, there has been a very large watersnake hanging out and he was there again. I named him Fred.....