Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wading the Llano

Having never been on the Llano river and seeing pictures of its beauty that friends have taken on their visits. I had to go find out first hand and all I can say is the pictures don't do it justice.

Hiking down the worn trail a glimpse of the river came into view. Never had I seen water so clear and a carved limestone bottom like this river bed before. The grooves under my feet worn through the rock by many years of flowing water and the granite boulders everywhere just added to its beauty.

Easing into the water and casting a Matthews 5wt with a wooly bugger tied to the lightweight tippet, it didn't take long for a bluegill to add a tug to the end of the line.

Heading further downriver to explore some, I was greeted with a first for me as a freshwater drum came to hand. I have seen them on other rivers and tried to catch them before with no luck so a grin came to my face when it was released back into the water.

Many drum were seen throughout the day and a couple followed the fly, but not another one landed. The day was also filled with many species of fish found including gar, bass, and carp. With the water so clear the fish definitely have the advantage here.

When the opportunity is presents itself you take advantage of it, guess that's what was going through his mind when he tried to eat the fly.

Although none were seen, apparently they exist here.

Looking forward to the next visit........................