Monday, August 22, 2011

Galveston oh' Galveston

Not a fly fishing trip, but a fishing trip is a fishing trip.
Made it out to Galveston on Saturday with my youngest brother and one of my best friends. I was taking my wife and youngest daughter to my brother's house to visit with him and his wife for the weekend since they would both be going back to school on Monday. My wife would be returning to teach and my daughter would be beginning her Junior year of College (send money).
Before we left Friday afternoon Chris called and said to bring a rod and any salt gear that I had in case we had a chance to fish. It was decided that night to give it a go so I called Ron and asked him if he was in and we all headed out at 4am for the hour and a half drive.
This was the first time for me to fish in the surf. How they talked me into getting in the water (sharks live there, i've seen them on shark week) i'll never know. Not only that but they did a good job humming the theme to Jaws as i'm chest deep in water.
The sunrise was beautiful and the sea was pretty calm as we waded out ready to cast our topwater lures. We chose to use artificials today and watched as most fish were caught on live bait around us. We were able to catch a few fish but it really didn't matter as it was all about the company.