Friday, November 30, 2012

Fly Shop Friday ( ReelFLY)

I've been working my way around visiting all of the fly shops in my part of Texas in order to give myself and you a better perspective of these companies and the services offered by them to the fly fishing community.
This week took me to ReelFly Fishing Adventures in Sattler, TX almost a stones throw away from the Guadalupe River.
Walking into the shop is just like entering your front door, it's just that comfortable. As usual I had a lot of questions about trout fishing and they were great at answering them. So don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from them.
About ReelFly

The store opened in 2011 and is owned by Captain Brent Hodges who has been guiding on the Guadalupe river since 2006. Since opening, the variety of product in the shop has expanded to include  mosteverything you would need for freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. And it's the only place i've ever seen with .99 cent flies.

The Shop

Currently they offer guided trips on the Guadalupe and Colorado rivers for freshwater, and fly fishing the flats in Port O'Connor for saltwater. The shop also offers waders and fly rod rental as well as casting lessons. If you are looking for lodging when fishing the Guad they can help out with that as well with TheCreel B&B.

If you are up around the Guadalupe river and would be interested in a guided trip give them a call. Or if you just need to warm up with a cup of coffee after a morning wade, stop buy and swap some fishing stories.
It's always better on the river.........

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

After the Rain-Bows

I'm off Tuesday, let's go catch some trout on the river.... Those were the words that filled my ears while visiting with Brent from ReelFly Fishing Adventures Fly Shop in Sattler, TX last week. It began when I wanted to learn more about fishing for trout on the Guadalupe river. I didn't Google it. I just walked up the stairs and opened the door to my local fly shop and asked how the guide trips on the  river have been. Turns out when you are as busy guiding other people, you don't have time to get on the water for fishing and relaxing yourself. I'll chalk it up to right place at the right time, and it would give us a chance to talk about the custom rod design we are working on for the store.

I was greeted in the morning by Ryan, a friend of mine who guides out of the shop and would be joining us on the day . I have fished with him before and always enjoyed the company. After launching the raft and completing the shuttle we were soon on our way.

Anchoring the raft we proceeded to hop in the river for a wade. Working the current that was going through the washed away limestone, it didn't take long for me to connect with my first bow of the day.

The water was off colored from the rain that came through the night before with a cold front and the winds had filled up the water with needles from the majestic cypress trees that line the banks making the presentation pretty hard and the fishing rougher.

As the day progressed we were able to bring many trout to the net and shake off quite a few more. The knowledge that I learned on how to read the river and patterns to use on the trout can't be found on the web. Priceless.......

Thank's again to Brent for offering to take a friend fishing.

and to Ryan for not only tying those small fly's on my line but for all of the paddling he did during the 5 1/2 mile trip.

If you are looking to catch some trout on the Guad. Give the guys at ReelFly a call and you will be completely satisfied and come away with a better understanding of this great fishery.

Enjoy the slideshow and thanks for reading,