Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On the River

Fishing is fun and mind cleansing when done alone, but even more fun when your brother from another mother tag's along. Plus his snoring will keep Bigfoot away. Loaded up the Cuda and my gear for an early morning departure.

After a two hour drive, I met up with Ron at the river and we unloaded and then packed up the kayaks for the overnighter. As soon as the shuttle was done the first leg of our 12 mile journey had begun.

With the wind pushing us downriver along with a slow current, we were able to take in some of the beautiful scenery this river offers once you get away from the noise of the city.

The fishing started off slower than normal with no takers on the fly. With the wind and overhanging limbs playing havoc, I changed to a baitcaster and started throwing a Pop-R underneath the limbs and around matted grass with great success.

Fishing hard all day, we caught about 30 bass and made it to our campsite on an island around 7:30 pm. After scouring the bank for trees to hang the hammock's, it was decided to go into the woods to get away from the alligator slides that we found in the sand. After hanging my ENO hammock in less that three minutes using their Slap Straps we gathered some wood and built a fire.

As soon as the coals were ready it was time to put the steaks on.

Ron waiting patiently for the steaks to be done.

With the full moon in effect, it left me wondering how the bite would be in the morning. Waking up and eating a quick bite we loaded up and cleaned the area before packing the kayaks.

This was the lightest i've packed so far for an overnighter. The morning bite started off well, with both of us picking up a few fish in the first section. Then the wind picked up and the water changed from clear to brown causing the fish to shut down.
It was a great time and even better hanging out with a great friend.

See you on the water.............................................