Friday, April 6, 2012

11 straight days.........................

Of work, makes me want to get out on the water....and I did.
After sending and replying to e-mails I loaded up the Coosa and drove the twenty minutes to the Guadalupe River. Unloaded and drug the kayak over the grass and down the hill to the water, after wading upstream against the swift current I lifted the kayak on top of the dam and then climbed over and entered the river. Paddling like crazy so the current didn't sweep me back over the dam I was able to break loose and get into some calmer water. This would be a new section of the river for me so my plan was to work my way up one side the hit the other side on the way back. Tying on a popper it didn't take long to find the first hungry bass of the day. I wasn't sure what kind of quality this section would hold but as the day wore on the size kept growing with the largest being a solid four pounder who let me get her next to the kayak but wouldn't come onboard for a photo op. It was a great day to relax and clear my head as well as catch a lot of fish. Ended up catching and releasing around 13 bass as well as not landing a good 5-6 that jumped their way off the hook. Looking forward to hitting this stretch of water again.