Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Dreaming

It's that time of year again, when you start thinking about some gear that you went all year without and would come in handy. While I won't get a fraction of the gear that will be listed here, there are still a few items that would come in useful as I paddle and wade myself across this state.

While we don't get extremely cold for a long period of time, we do have the occasional three to four day front that comes in dropping the temps and making fishing miserable for a while. One thing that is lacking would be a good wading jacket. It would have to be warm but flexible to be able to take while fishing from the kayak or while wading the river.
The KAST  Velocity jacket would be my choice for this since it offers the functionality that i'm looking for.

Another item needed is a new pair of wading boots. Currently I wear a pair of hunting boots over my waders. While they have worked they are not made for wading. The boots that I am looking at are made by Korkers footwear and come with interchangeable soles to change for traction assistance.

When wading I try to pack as light as possible and should be able to save weight and take the important items with me by utilizing a Tightlines Sling Pak by Vedavoo, and it's made by hand in the USA.
A good pair of nippers comes in handy and the best of the best would be made by Abel Reels. Yes it seems like a lot for a pair of nippers, but if you take care of them I think it would be money well spent judging by the feedback that I get from people who have been using them.
One can never have too many hats and I like the hats that Howler Brothers offer.

My Lifeproof case has started to wear at the perfect time. I guess putting it in and taking it out of the life jacket case has taken its toll on it. Looking around at my local fly shop and seeing the Lifeproof case by DeYoung Canvasfish has me hoping Santa puts one of these in my stocking.
When you wear Buffs on every outing. It doesn't hurt to have a nice variety. Original Buff has been making some that are exclusive to fly fishing and have some cool designs by Bug Slinger.
Since I like to fish glass the list wouldn't be complete without a new hoodie from The Fiberglass Manifesto.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my list to Santa. What's on yours........