Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is it an Obsession

The definition as described by Webster Dictionary;
adj. 1. having or showing excessive or compulsive concern;

2. influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion.

Clues to obsession;
Fly rod, fly box and waders in your truck at all time.
After work casting in your yard.
Reading as much info as you can find on the web.
Fondness for insects....
Getting back to the gear in the truck. Had some time this afternoon and headed down to the Guadalupe river to see what effect the cold front would have on the fish. The river is beautiful this time of year with the water being crystal clear and all of the leaves turning colors with the arrival of winter approaching.
Sliding into the water I was met with a cold chill that went up my spine as the waders clung to me as if they were shriveling up from the cold. With the wind blowing in small bursts I was able to slip my way downstream and catch a nice bream on a small floating hopper. Managed to catch a few before the sky started getting dark with most caught on a small panfish fly. The front definately had an effect as I didn't see any fish cruising or hanging out in the shallow flows.
Did I mention that the time change has really cut into my time on the water, sure i'm not the only one its affecting.
Remember, tomorrow is Veterans Day so stop one past, present, and future to thank them for their service......
See you on the river,