Monday, August 20, 2012

Saltwater Life

Living in Texas is diverse when it comes to fishing. The opportunity to fish freshwater and saltwater are abundant, it just takes a bit of driving. I have been taking two of my best friends on river trips with me and they wanted to pay me back with a trip for Redfish on the Coast. We arrived in Copano Bay on Friday with less than perfect conditions due to the scalding hot temperatures and high winds, we were forced to pull out a map and find a protected area to fish from the kayaks.

We found a location and got to fish for a few hours before dark. The wind was brutal but I was able to haul in one Redfish out of a grass flat.
The next mourning found us in the same location. Again the wind would not cooperate today so I headed deep into the flat trying to avoid it. The water was very muddy so we paddled out through the waves and staked the kayaks in order to fish a reef. Was able to salvage the morning with a few trout and we added one flounder.

After reading so much about Lighthouse Lakes we changed our plans and headed that way to scout in the afternoon hoping to find cleaner water for Sunday. Not knowing where to go I sent a message out on a forum and it was answered by Capt. Dean Thomas from Slow Ride Guide Services. It's not often that a guide will be willing to share information, but he did and I thank him.
Arriving at LHL we were greeted with the same winds but clearer water. After unloading we paddled across the channel and entered the lakes. Think I found my second home as I was amazed at the water as well as the different options to fish in this area. We scouted and explored the Mango groves and decided that this is where we would fish the next day.

Me, Chuck, and Ron

After eating at the Boiling Pot we made it back to the house and hit the sack being tired from paddling and fighting the wind all day. Sunday called for rain and calmer winds.
If this is what they mean by calm i'll take it any day.

Smooth as glass

Paddling, I looked for any sign of feeding Redfish. It didn't take long to hook up with my first of the day.

Hearing the water erupt, all you could see were tails as a large school of Redfish were working their way towards me. When in casting distance, a spoon was cast past them and then brought back where it was met with a solid take. Setting the hook cause the school to explode and go in different directions and I was awarded with my largest of the day.

Spent most of the morning chasing schools of Redfish as well as picking off a few while working the flats. As the storms approached and the rain started to fall we fished until noon then headed back to load up for the return trip. Can't wait to get back out there.

Ron with a nice red

Stood up and paddled the rest of the way in, need to bring a push pole next time.