Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fly Rod 002

Started building a new fly rod a few weeks ago and put the final touches to it yesterday. It's a 9ft, 4wt, 4pc built on a TFO Professional series blank. The guides are wrapped in orange with gray trim rings. Won't get to use this one since I built it for someone else. Matched the rod with a Konic 1.5 reel.

After following The Fiberglass Manifesto for the past six months reading up on the growing popularity of glass fly rods, i've decided to build a 3wt out of glass. I have been in contact with Mike McFarland who is a custom builder as well as a custom blank maker. He is going to be making me a glass blank which I will make into a nice stream rod. Can't wait to get started on it

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black "fishing" Friday

While everyone else will be obsessing over the deals that are taking place after 11:59 pm on turkey day, I will be drifting off into dreamland as the visions of bass hitting the popper on a cool fall morning float through my head. Every year the start of Black Friday gets earlier and earlier, yet my internal alarm still awakens me at the same time. While you are standing in the long lines, I will be easing the kayak around the next bend in anticipation of the next explosion. Don't worry about me, i'll still be able to find the deals as stores will continue to drop the prices on the items that will need to be bought.
I just hope the fish aren't out shopping........

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!