Monday, August 5, 2013

Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, REDFISH

Continuing my search for a redfish on the fly rod took me back to Mississippi for a quick morning trip. I would only have a few hours to fish since the real purpose of the trip was to celebrate a friends 50th birthday.

Loaded up the Coosa and wife then hit the highway for a ten hour drive. Once in Louisiana we ended up getting stuck on the Atchafalaya Basin bridge due to three wrecks that had it locked down. The trip ended up being close to thirteen hours by the time we arrived.

After visiting with our hosts it was time to turn in and get a few hours of sleep. Not sure if I got much sleep with the anticipation of knocking a redfish off my list. Sliding the kayak into the water and noticing the incoming tide and movement of bait brought a smile to my face.

Reaching my destination I was greeted with a few tails feeding along the bank and began fan casting the area with a weighted shrimp pattern fly. Three casts into the day and the line draws tight and a strip set is applied. FISH ON...... and the first redfish on the fly rod is accomplished. Now the new goal is to land a larger one.

Here is the setup used. Loop Cross S1 8wt with Loop Opti reel and shrimp pattern fly.

While it was early it was still time to celebrate the feat.

Continuing to fish, some sounds of fish crashing the grass in the cuts were occurring so I made my way back into the maze of trails.

Spooked redfish upon entering and casted at every wake that I came across. Few follows but no takes. Then I was forced out of the area by a little gator that was looking for a handout. He didn't run me off, it was the prospect of a larger one being around that did it.

Headed back to clean up and take a quick nap before the surprise party began. When I woke up the house was crawling with people as we waited for the guest of honor to arrive.

A great time was had for such a short trip. Three days, 23hrs of driving, a small fortune in gas and food, ONE REDFISH. Success and well worth it.