Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Turning right onto the highway, I found myself settling in for a two hour trip West to the town of Junction. This would be my first trip to Oktoberfisch and the original plan was to go there and experience all three days but there was another important event going on this weekend, the Baptism of my new niece. Some things trump others so I will shoot for the full experience next year.
The weather looked promising for the day, partly cloudy with a slight breeze and warming up as the hours slipped away. Exiting the Interstate and heading into town I had finally reached the Llano river and was greeted with a beautiful view as I crossed the old iron bridge.

Pulling into the campground I looked for a place to park close to the river. Walking up to the event tents I saw a couple of seminars taking place. One group was getting casting instruction while two other groups sat under a tent learning about knot tying and building flies.

Approaching the main vendor area, the aroma of BBQ was in the air and led me to a pit where they were selling plate lunches of sausage or brisket with beans, chips, and a soda for five bucks. After lunch I made my way around the tents checking out the gear and the raffle items for that afternoon.

During the day the crowd grew larger as people were returning from fishing the river and getting ready for the evenings festivities which included a steak dinner and raffle. I took advantage of some expert casting instruction from Austin of Salt396 . We then proceeded to try our luck at some of the impromtu casting challenges put on by the instructors that were at the event, and we held our own.

As I drove home it became clear that I had to get back next year and experience more of the event and to fish the river.

Adios, till' next year...............................................