Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankfully, There Is No Cure.

What a great slogan that SAGE is using for 2012. After talking with them for the past couple of months I took up an invitation to go spend the day at the Sportsman's Finest in Austin,TX to meet their rod designer Jerry Siem and regional manager Mark Shelton. After a short two hour drive I arrived in time to sit in on a lecture by Diana Rudolph of Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures as she discussed the tactics and gear that she uses while pursuing her fly fishing passion all over the world. After she was done I introduced myself to Jerry Siem who has been designing rods for SAGE for the past eighteen years. It was fascinating to listen and learn about all of the steps that go into designing a blank to be used in one of their rods. Each rod is hand designed and tested by him using new technology to develop a lighter and stronger rod that will keep you fresh even after a long day on the water. Also learned that each blank is designed from the tip section down toward the butt and how the new graphite and resin Konnetic technology being used today is making lighter, stronger, and more accurate casting rods. Later in the day I was able to get out on the casting pond and watch a casting demonstration by Jerry as he showed the accuracy and distance that he is able to get out of his newest creations, also managed to get some casting advice as well as some instruction from him which you always take advantage of when you can. Next up was a nice conversation with Mark Shelton from SAGE as we discussed the many applications of two of the newest rods that have been introduced. The ONE from SAGE with it's new Konnetic technology did everything as described. As I spent some time casting it, you could feel how easy the transfer of energy loaded this rod with less effort and it is extremely accurate as described. The new Bass II rod is a very versatile rod. I can see this one being a great addition for kayak fisherman who fish both fresh and saltwater as it has the capability of turning over some large flies with ease.
I'm looking forward to using these rods on the rivers and coastal waters in Texas giving them a workout and doing some reviews on each one.
If you get a chance stop by your local SAGE dealer and check out some of the latest and greatest creations.
See you on the river,