Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Snook Trip

The title  is a little misleading since this was my first time to go fish for Snook. The trip resulted from an invite to head down with a group of fifteen other fisherman to South Padre Island on their annual trip. For such a large and diverse group the trip couldn't have gone any better....well, except for the weather.
The adventure began with me hitching a ride with a group from Austin, all whom I had never met and ended with me making fifteen new friends as well as fisherman who I would be glad to fish with any day.
There were a few bumps along the journey to get there.

We ran out of gas upon reaching Corpus but were rescued by a couple of fisherman who were fishing the river where we pulled over at. We were then pulled over an hour later for a lame excuse just to check us out.
Upon reaching the house at 2am, greetings and introductions were made with the rest of the group and a plan was put into motion for the next morning. Getting up after three hours of sleep, we were greeted with a steady rain and howling winds. When it started to clear up we made our way to Holly Beach and were welcomed with some calm water. It would soon change again. 

Upon reaching the island we started to catch some trout and a few Redfish before the wind came back making the paddle back to the beach tiring.

Back at the house we waited for the weather to let up.

The rain let up again but the wind was pushing thirty easily. A few had fished the Jetty in the morning so we took a ride and tried our hand at some of the Tarpon that had been rolling earlier. 
How often do you run into a clown fishing the Jetties, not very often....but I did.

I had the pleasure of getting to fish the Jetty with Austin Orr an extremely talented fly fisherman as well as an accomplished instructor. He went out of his way to answer any question that I had as well as help me with my casting in the wind, thanks again Austin.

The next morning was the same. We woke up to rain and wind and waited it out. Around 11am we drove to a flat and waded while the door was open. The wade resulted in multiple reds and trout, with Austin catching a nice one on the fly.

That evening some went back to the flat and the rest of us chose to put the kayaks over the bulkhead and fish the lighted docks trying for Snook.

The fishing started slow with a few trout caught, then Jeremy hooked a large ray on the fly rod.

 After getting it into the net we paddled over to a restaurant and grabbed a bite before heading back out. It was pretty funny watching all of the people looking at us as we docked and entered to eat.

Finally, I caught my first Trout on the fly rod, along with Skip Jack and a few Croaker. Still no Snook for me though.

The trip was great and i'm already looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Jeremy for the invite as well as putting it all together.

Enjoy the slideshow.