Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Passing it on

With the trout not biting, I watched as my son made cast after cast to a section of river that constantly produces for me. With each strip I await the sound that you make when you catch that first fish doing something new. As the sun starts setting behind the trees, a rod tip is lifted and excitement fills the cold air as I hurry back upriver to help net the trout. A quick picture and a high five let me know that a new bond had been formed between him and the river.

This was something that I've been looking forward to the whole time he was away at school. Trying to teach him a new way to fish has not been easy but with some casting help from one of my guide friends he picked up on it after a few hours.

A few minutes later he was hooked up again and after a few jumps the trout sent the wooly bugger back to him. As the light was fading I managed a few trout to the net on a dry fly and he ended the day landing his second trout.

This was one of those days that I had thought of for many years and I cant wait to get back on the water with him soon.

The smile says it all.....
Take a kid fishing...