Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drought Conditions on the Guad

A few years ago I did an article on the drought going on here in Texas that was affecting the Guadalupe River. This section which is part of the Upper Guad had recieved very little rain in 2009 and dropped so much that the flow had almost completely stopped going into the lake.
This is what it looked like at the time.....

The river rose to good levels in 2010 due to a decent amount of rainfall for the year, then it happened again. Around September of 2010 the rain quit falling and with the extreme drought and heat that we are having the river is starting to shrink again.
Here are pictures from a few weeks ago as I did a wade trip with the fly rod....

Here are a few pictures from yesterday....

A few from the rainy years...

I'm sure that this is not the only river that is being affected in this state but it's the one that I frequent the most.
Someone send some water this way.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outdoor Blogger Network

I'm very excited to have been added to the Outdoor Blogger Network. It's a great place to read about everything outdoors. From reports of trips to exotic destinations to reviews of products that you might be interested in.
Click on the link to check it out.