Friday, May 11, 2012

Waders ( Every Day In May )

Day 11 post is on Waders:

The great part about fishing the rivers in Texas is that there are very few months that you actually have to wear waders. I purchased a good pair of Hodgeman waders back when the Sportsman's Warehouse was going out of business, these were to replace the neoprene pair that had a small leak somewhere in them that doesn't want to be found.. Just like everything else to do with fly fishing, there are many varieties available, from many different companies so do your research before purchasing.

Since a lot of my fishing is done from a kayak on the river i'm really not concerned about submersion with waders on because my PFD is always on and fastened securely instead of laying behind me like I see so many others do. When I started trout fishing this fall I was concerned with stepping off a rock into deeper water with the waders on and not having a PFD on when wet wading. I took care of that worry with the ONYX Belt Pack Manual Inflatable PFD. If I happen to step off into deeper water all that you do is pull the tab, and upon inflation tuck your head into it and no worries.

If this is something that you worry about and maybe it even affects the way you fish in the winter, there is a new choice out there to help you out. The folks at William Joseph Fly Fishing have come out with a pair of waders that will self inflate with a Co2 cartridge or manual inflate with a pull tab. When activated the upper section of the waders are inflated by a bladder to help you out of the situation you might step into. This will be my next pair that I get for myself. I have their Tsunami bag and if the quality of the waders is the same as they put into the bag then all is good.

WST Wader

 When choosing waders I feel it is important to get what your budget will allow. Choose a pair with a good belt and welded seams. I use stocking foot waders because I like the comfort and stability of wading boots better than what comes on boot waders. But to each their own.Since I spend a lot of time on the road I am always finding new areas to fish with the abundance of creeks and rivers around here. My waders and boots are always in the back of the truck because you never know when you will need them. Have fun and be safe on the water.

Now if I could only get some WST's and a lunch box..........

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