Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conservation ( Every Day In May )

Day 10's topic is on Conservation.

Conservation is percieved in many different ways. Growing up, fish was a daily meal and if lucky a bonus fish fry on the weekend. About the only time I have fish now is either at a resturaunt or when I head down South to Louisiana to fend off my Redfish craving.

Most of the fishing that I do these days is captured in the pictures that I take. After taking pictures the fish is released to fight another day, either on the end of my rod or someone else's.
To this day I still have no regrets of the 11lb bass that after measuring and taking a few photos I was able to watch her slowly swim away to fight another day.
In no means am I implying that it's wrong to keep your legal limit of fish for your own personal use. If there were more people that ate fish in my house as there were when growing up I would be right there with you. Now i'm hungry for fish.........


  1. 11 lbs.! Fantastic! What did you catch her on? Definitely following you. Here's mine:

  2. I caught her on a top water plug. She pulled me around the lake for what felt like twenty minutes. My largest fish to date.

  3. What a creature. Great post and photos, as always.