Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colorado River Campout

Finally had a weekend off so myself and four friends did a 13 mile section of the Colorado River below the town of Bastrop. We arrived at the put in at 8:00 am and proceed to unload trucks and pack up the kayaks. After a thirty minute round trip shuttle, it was time to head out into the off colored water.

While I wait for my Big Tuna kayak to come in, I was able to use one to test it out in the solo paddler position. The space and layout of the kayak are great with room for the 30qt K-2 cooler behind the seat and two dry bags in the back compartment, I was able to fish with a clear deck in front of me. This kayak is so stable I was able to fly fish standing up in the current, while it is not setting any speed records due to the weight, I was able to keep up with everyone and be extremely comfortable in doing so.

The fishing started off slow but as the day grew hotter the bite actually got better. I caught fish on a Clouser as well as a popper when fly fishing, the rest of the time they were caught on a Pop-R and spinnerbait.

After reaching the island we were to camp on just before dark, I found that the recent rains had caused a wall of debris to be packed into the trees where the hammock was going to be hung. Could thing someone packed an extra tent, it sure came in handy. After securing everything and having dinner, most of us were tired so we decided to turn in.

Waking up in the morning I ate a quick bite and packed. Shoved off from the island into a strainer and made a quick cast with a popper, one twitch and the surface exploded. Landed her and felt close to six pounds. After taking quick pictures I slid her back in the water to fight again someday.

All total I averaged close to 40 bass a day. I took pictures of the nicer ones as well as some of the scenery. Now just need to be patient as I wait with anticipation to do it again next weekend.


  1. good deal. I have been wanting to fish the Colorado for sometime.... gunna have to make it happen one of these days. In the mean time your trip reports hold me over.

  2. If you get the chance you will enjoy it. Great river to fish.

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    1. You're welcome Jason. I'm heading out there again in the morning.