Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day ( Every Day In May )

Day 13 of the blogger challenge and the topic is Mother's Day.

Mother's day is both a sad and a joyous kind of day for me. Let me explain, I lost my Mom a few years ago and it brings back a l ot of memories that make the day sad for me. The joyous part comes from looking at my three children celebrate the day with their Mom, my wife.

My Mom was my best friend as I grew up. She was the one that I could always talk to as well as open up about anything at any time. She was the same woman that would keep quiet whenever myself or one of the little brothers did anything wrong. Just like any mother, she was the best multi-tasker that I have ever seen. The house was always clean, clothes were always done and put away and dinner was always ready on time. We were just asked to keep the yard maintained and do the kitchen cleanup duties.

Mom on her wedding day

 My Mom was a Gymnast, a Cowgirl, Professional Bowler, as well as a Cheerleader in her High School days. As my children got old enough to play sports, she would come to all of their games. Her competitive nature rubbed off on my children as they excelled in the sports they were involved in.

When she got sick, she still fought for a few years until it finally took the fight out of her. That was a side that I had never seen of her but could never blame her.
I wish she would have been here long enough to see my little brother get married as well as the birth of their first child. I could see her smile even though she wasn't there. She would have been proud of the way my children have grown up.
If I could have one wish today, it would be the ability to call her up and just talk for a little while.
Like so many of you were able to do today.

I would also like to think my wife for all that she has done over the years to nurture our children the way you did. My Mom would have been proud.

My Family

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