Monday, May 14, 2012

Rod ( Every Day In May )

Day 14 and the topic is Rod.

That's the great thing about fishing. No matter how you fish or what you fish for, they make a rod for it. They come in different lengths as well as different actions, not to mention the different sections one can be made into. Almost forgot, different prices as well. You can purchase one through the mail, over the internet, at a sporting goods mega store as well as the local fly shop. You can also have one custom made.
I have been making custom rods for years and added fly rods to the mix when the bug hit me a year ago. Before I built myself one, the new BVK rod from Temple Fork Outfitters was my rod of choice for chasing bass.

The first one that I made for myself was built on a TFO Professional series blank and since i'm in Texas it had to have a little hometown flavor added to it.

The second rod that I built for myself is a 5wt on an MHX custom High Modulus, Fast Action blank.
It was completed with carbon fiber handle and a rattlesnake skin inlay wrap.

Matthews Custom Fly Rods

Matthews Custom Fly Rods

This has got to be the smoothest casting rod that I own. It will put the fly wherever you point and has the backbone to manhandle bigger fish.
Building a rod for a customer is a lot of fun, the true reward are the compliments that are sent in by the customer letting you know how much they appreciate the detail that was put into it as well as how much better it performs than their high dollar store bought rods.
Must be doing something right because the waiting list keeps growing.

Matthews Custom Fly Rods


  1. I have one of Roberts 4wt rods and man it's a keeper!!!

  2. Wow, fantastic rods you've built there. The extra flavor makes the difference, eh?

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    The extra flavor is up to the customer. Personally I like the rattlesnake skin on my own just to make it more close to home.
    The advantages of having a rod made by a builder are better cork for the grips, stronger eyes, nicer looking reel seats as well as your choice of thread color and the rod can include a name on it. Also the blank that I use is of the highest modulus graphite so it is a lot stronger.