Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Line ( Every Day In May )

Day 15 post and the topic is Line.

I'm not much of an expert when it comes to choosing a fly line for a rod. Not only should it match the weight of the reel but you need to closely match the type of fly you will be slinging to the appropriate line.

Since most of my fishing is done on the rivers here in South Central Texas I have only used weight forward line, since most of what I throw are either poppers or boogers. The depths that I need to present to can be reached using the WF line by adjusting the length of your leader and tippet, or by adding split-shot.
There are so many manufacturers of line that I chose a different route from the mainstream producers and went with a line made by Flytooth Flyline. They make a brand called Razorstrike and I am currently using it on my 7wt rod.

As for casting, the line is very smooth and has minimal stretch. With the forward taper it does an excellent job of turning over larger flies.
The best advise I have for finding the right fly line is to ask others or visit your local fly shop.

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