Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leader ( Every Day In May )

Day 16 and post title is Leader.

When I started out fly fishing the leaders that were used were specific to the species that I was fishing for. While they seem to do the job that they are asked to do, you always find yourself searching for something different. Fishing for bass, the flies are usually larger and it takes a pretty good combination of rod, line, and leader to turn over these larger flies. Upon searching I came across an article on furled leaders and their ability to turn over large flies with less effort than store bought ones. After some research I was able to get my hands on some for bass fishing as well as some for chasing trout and smaller fish.
I have been using the furled leaders from Christopher Fave Fly Fishing. He makes custom hand tied tapered leaders, what I can tell you from using them is that they are strong and hold up well to the stress that i've put them under. Nice guy to do business with and very reasonable on the price, plus great service. If you are in the market or just want to try one out you will be satisfied with them in my opinion.

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