Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fly ( Every Day In May )

Day 17 and the topic is FLY.

When I started out fly fishing, my first flies were some that were purchased from a chain store. Then I graduated to a fly shop, which pretty much had the same flies. Then I was approached by         DragonFly Angler Flies about trying out some of the warmwater flies that he was hand tying, and that is where the boundaries were changed. Not only was the quality of a custom fly better than what I was finding in the stores, but the durability is what is the most impressive part to me. Except for the few that i've lost to the tree gods the remainder are still being used to this day.

Here is a look at some of the flies that I am using from him.

Panfish Treat

Currently he is tying me some Deer hair poppers and some Cajun Cheerleaders for me to try out on the river here.
Cajun Cheerleader

Panfish Hair Popper

Support your local fly tyer........................................

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