Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That's what friends are for

Friends are earned, they are not given to you......A true friend is like a brother, there when you need them and the same returned by you.....
So when you call a friend up and ask him to ditch work and hit the river with you, what's he to do......

We spent the day on the Guadalupe river fishing a stretch that I am very familiar with. I started out with a Wooly Booger tied on to my custom 4wt with Solitude reel, the fish were hitting it on about the third strip if not on the initial fall. After catching and releasing both bass and perch my friend pointed out the occasional fish strike on the surface so I took the Booger off and tied on a Popper. I was amazed at how well the popper was working, time and time again it would dissapear as it hit the surface.

We explored new areas of the river, advancing one set of rapids further than I ventured last trip. With each exploration, fresh water is exposed and more fish are caught. As we paddled our way back to the takeout, discussions and the planning stages were made to do a three day float and camp among the trees in the river bed this summer.
Looking forward to it my friend................................................


  1. Awesome day on the river. Had a great day. Keep hoping my box will show up.

  2. Thanks for going, good times indeed. I guess the dry box sprouted wings.