Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Waters (Every Day In May)

Let me start off by saying....I am a transplanted Texan!!! If you've seen me eat crawfish then you would know where my journey to Texas started.
Since day two of every day in may is about Home Waters, I chose to focus this subject on what I have called home for over twenty years. Living next door to the Guadalupe river can be a blessing as well as a curse. It's a blessing because I can be on the river in twenty minutes and a curse when you drive across it everyday on the way to work.

The thing that I like the best about the Guad is the ability to catch so many different species of fish. There are different species of Perch, Bass, Carp, Gar, and Drum Roll please..........TROUT!!!!!!!!!.

It is such a diverse area with it's ever changing terrain that you are able to wade many sections of it, or float it. The fishing is consistent year round and patterns are controlled by the flow. Once you establish a pattern it is usually there for a length of time.

There are only two pitfalls that effect this river...... tubers who don't understand that if you took it to the water you can surely take it out when you leave, and the ever present drought.
If you get the chance to fish my home waters, have fun and respect's yours too.......


  1. Well, you may only have fished the San Marcos a couple times, but I have only fished the Guad below Canyon Dam a couple times. Usually the few chances I have had to go have been in the summer...and as you mentioned in your post, there are tubers.