Thursday, May 3, 2012

Current (Every day in May)

Day three of blogger challenge has to do with Current.
As many of you know, I am a river fisherman. So current plays a major role in how the river fishes as well as how you would approach the river. Current is usually created naturally on a river or from a man made dam as water is released from a resevoir creating flow as it heads downstream. Different times of the year usually determine the amount of water to be released. On the two rivers that I primarily fish, one has more flow during the spring when water is needed downstream for irrigation purposes to supply farmes growing crops and the other has more flow during the summer months in order to supply flow for recreational purposes that many local businesses depend on.

What I have learned through the years is to study what i'm doing when the first few fish of the day are caught, this will help you establish a pattern and make for an enjoyable day. Flow on the river is important to me when the trip begins, a slow current will usually scatter fish while a faster current will stack the fish making the pattern easy to work. In a strong current you will usually have better luck casting as close to the bank as possible, and really work any eddy that you come to thoroughly.
I generally paddle upstream against the current, casting whenever possible before approaching the area when the journey begins back downstream. Going downstream is where i'm spending the majority of my time fishing using a drag chain to slow my drift as well as dropping it completely to stop me in the current where I feel there might be some fish present. Try to work your lure downstream with the current as most fish being predators are facing upstream waiting on an easy meal to float by.

Hope I was able to explain how current effects the way a river fishes..............

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