Friday, May 4, 2012

Tying (Every Day In May)

Day four.
The topic for todays Every Day In May challenge is Tying............

Upon taking up the sport of fly fishing it became apparent that the vast assortment of flies on the market was amazing and mind boggling. I had no idea where to start when it came to targeting a specific species of fish. Having built custom rods for years people always assume that I would make my own flies. Truth be told it is something that I often think about doing but don't really know when time would allow me to do it. Between work and trying to fish it's really hard to take on a new hobby.
This is the closest that i've gotten to joining the insanity.....

It was a gift from my oldest daughter upon my returning from a trip out of town. If you look closely you will see that it is unopened. Still to this day I have not found the time to check it out.

I have quite a few friends that tie and the one that keeps me supplied with the flies that I use for warm water fishing is John Wood, the owner of DragonFly Angler custom flies out of Cody, Wyoming. It seems that although he is in Wyoming, John really enjoys tying flies for warm water and I have been fortunate enough to be his test subject for his endeavor.
When I recieved my first set of flies from him it was easy to notice the difference between these and some of the store bought flies that i'd been using. The attention to detail was amazing and they were holding up fish after fish.

To this day I still have and use most of these flies except for a few that belong to the tree gods.
I really respect the thought that a fly tyer puts into his art and will continue to support them. Unless, I finally open that box..........................................................


  1. For a fellow who doesn't tie, that's a pretty good post about tying...

  2. Thanks, a friend gave me a sugestion to help me out on this one.