Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every Day in May

Today is May 1,2012. Why is that important you might ask...... well I don't know.What I do know is that there was a challenge put out to see if I could blog about different topics once a day, every day in May.
Today's topic is May Day, whatever that means. I figured that since a good portion of my week is spent living out of a hotel room from one city to the next that this challenge fit me well as their is a lot of free time at night when the hard hotel room bed wont allow you to fall asleep.
I have seen the topics for each day and this one to me seemed to be the lamest er...hardest to conquer.
Please don't get bored but join me on this journey as I try to pull off this challenge.

Here is a list of topics to look forward to as well as my thoughts on each.
1. May Day- probably the hardest
2. home waters- ahhhh, something I know very well
3. current- not sure if they mean the news or the flow of my favorite river, i'll make it up
4. tying- all I know how to tie is knots, and i'm still learning
5. fishing- this should be easy
6. praying- not to offend any religions I will think hard on this one
7. working- is fishing work?
8. hatching-hmmmm
9. grinning and laughing- the best medicine
10. conservation- I obey it
11. waders- well, I only have one pair... maybe someone will read this and sponsor me :)
12. something completely different- okay, doable
13. Mother’s Day- will make you cry
14. rod- love talking about this subject
15. line- I've only used two brands
16. leader- got ideas for this
17. fly- still learning, but okay
18. fish, fish, fish- like it
19. more fish- getting easier
20. greenery- I like foilage
21. bugs- one word OFF
22. runoff- what happens when you spray on too much OFF
23. safety first- always preach it
24. memory- gets worse every day
25. shoreline- something you hope to see soon when your friend takes you 68 miles out in the Gulf
26. lessons learned- this could get embarrasing
27. bucket list- everybody has one of these
28. news- there's always something going on
29. inspiration/aspiration- good one
30. fish philosophy- I like
31. achievement- This will be good too

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