Sunday, October 30, 2011

San Marcos river, on the eve of Halloween

Took up an open invite today to fish a section of the San Marcos river that i've never fished before. With the temperature in the 40's this morning I put my waders on before launching the kayak into the moving green colored river water.
When fishing new water I try to fish fly only but brought along a baitcaster not knowing what the fishing would be like after the first cold front of the year. Started the morning tossing a small popper around all of the current breaks and anywhere I could find pads along some edge breaks.One of the guys on this trip is a seasoned fly fisherman who travels around guiding out of different states and had just returned from Alaska. It's nice to watch someone make what is a struggle and continuing learning experience for me look so easy. At lunchtime I had Ryan watch me cast and he said that for being new to fly fishing that I was ahead of the curb, not bad.
We caught many fish today with both Ryan catching a Guad hybrid over three pounds and Danny catching a nice five pound largemouth. There were also a few funny stories to tell.
A couple came through while we were getting ready to leave a sandbar after lunch and we watched as she flipped after hitting a tree while going through a chute. After helping out they were back on the water and when she turned the bend, two bucks jumped from the cliff into the river almost hitting her as she was paddling. Wish the recorder would have been on to capture it as it was a sight to see.
I set the hook on a fish that pulled me upstream in the kayak. The fish turned me around a few times before getting into some cypress roots and coming off, all I can figure is it must have been a giant alligator gar. Or, a river monster...
Had a great time and made some new fishing friends today. Caught a lot of fish and saw a lot of strange things, hmmmm Halloween.

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  1. Ha, I have never seen a Crappie in the San Marcos River until now!