Saturday, October 29, 2011

An unexpected trip

Wasn't expecting to get out on the water this weekend until Sunday for a planned trip on the San Marcos river. Found out after dinner last night that my wife and daughter had plans for today and wouldn't be returning until late in the afternoon. Decision time, veg out and watch football all day or load up the kayak and head out for some fishing on the Guad. Guess what won out.....
Put in and instead of floating downstream I chose to hunt some fish upstream in an area that I haven't fished yet due to no portage around the dam. Fished my way upstream for a ways then had to get out and tow the kayak behind me as I waded my way to the dam. Caught a few bluegill and a few bass along the way. Upon reaching the dam I decided to just pull the kayak over it and get on my way. The area above the dam was nice with a lot of limestone shelves and deeper water. Water was pretty clear and I could see a lot of larger fish but they were not interested in my offerings. Ended up catching around twenty fish today and get to go out again tomorrow. I like this weekend.
Just another great day on the water....
Gear used today was a TFO BVK 7wt and a Matthews Custom 4wt.
Caught fish on wooly boogers and a panfish treat from DragonFly Angler flies.
Enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading...

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