Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Backwater Paddle Company ( Gear review)

How many times do you find yourself grabbing for your paddle after making a cast to try and correct your position so you can make that perfect presentation to the fish that wait below. I know that it has been done a few hundred times just on one trip, but there is a product out there by Backwater Paddle Company that can make things easier for you. The Piranah hand paddle that they make is not only easy to use but it is very quiet when you are trying to correct your position. I have used it on three trips now and it did take some getting use to but not by any fault of design but trying to remember to quit reaching for your paddle. Now I just lay the paddle down and use the Piranah to move around and position my kayak. The hand paddle comes with a strap and the paddle will also float if you accidentally drop it into the water. It sure has made my kayak positioning so much easier now that i’m using it. The price is right for such a great add on to the gear that you already have. I now have two of them which are kept on either side of me for easy access.

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  1. Ooh, I need that. What's the reason for the different shaped paddles? The curved one looks like it could double as a spatula, and the square one would be good for getting that pizza out of the oven.

  2. The curved shape is for a sit on and the square shape is for a sit in kayak

  3. Nice idea. Being new to kayak fishing this would be great to add to my gear list. I have been trying to correct position tugging on the anchor line. Very slick.

  4. Can't wait to try one of these, I've heard great things about them. The hook on the back side of the paddle looks like would be incredibly useful as I fish around a lot of brush and I'm always grabbing at limbs with my hands. Great review!

  5. That paddle would of saved one of my poles from getting hung up and broken during my last trip. Wish I had one....

  6. Names were drawn from a hat and the winner of the Backwater paddle is SWANY. I guess sometimes it pays to be last.
    Thanks for commenting and enjoy.
    I will be doing more sponsored giveaways soon.

  7. Sweet Kayak... I wanna win it.

    Mike and Lori East