Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Fly Rod ( Gear Review)

This is the first fly rod that i've ever owned. It is the 9' BVK 7wt due to the fact that the river and lakes that I fish in hold some decent sized bass and for the occasional trip to the coast.The fit and finish on the rod is nice and clean and I also like the fact that the stripper guides are Recoil guides, they are more forgiving than traditional guides as well as being coated to help when you go saltwater fishing. What i've learned so far is that the rod performs great,comfortable and light, and the casting accuracy and power are as described. The other thing learned is that it's time to purchase a 3wt finesse series TFO rod to use in the smaller rivers and creeks that I have been fishing lately, it would make the smaller fish seem like giants. So far i've taken two trips with the new rod and am very pleased and would also reccomend it to anyone that asked.


  1. What reel is that? In previous posts you had a silver BVK reel? I'd like to know about that too.

    Finn Maccumhail from TKF

  2. Finn, it is a reel that I purchased to hold me over until I order the BVK in a 7/8wt. The one you saw was a 3/4wt and will go on a different rod.