Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fly fishing from the kayak

Loaded up the Coosa friday night for a trip to the lower Guadalupe river to try my hand at fly fishing from a kayak for the first time. Picked up a few new flies to try out since there are a lot of sunfish in this section of the river. There are a lot of bass here but the fishing is usually better in the fall, winter, and spring when the water is cooler. Started out throwing a Fur Ant and began to catch small sunfish almost immediately then ended up hooking the biggest catch of the day, a cypress limb, which claimed my Ant and taught me to purchase more than one of each fly that I find to be productive.Finished the day alternating between a Hopper and a Muddler Minnow that resulted in more fish being caught and a great time being had. I do need to learn how to fish a Wooly Bugger to be able to offer the fish an option for when they are not hitting the flies on top. Passed over many bass during the day as well as seeing bass cruise around and probably could have caught a few of these on the Wooly or other fly worked under the water. It was hot out but this section of the river offered a lot of shade which along with a few wades in the water kept me cool and fishing.The Coosa proved to be great to fly fish from with the ability to fish with the seat in the upper position and the ability to stand and fish. Still need to either purchase a 4wt rod or build a 4wt rod to fish these areas with, seems like it would make the fight a bit more fun.
Thanks for following along as I learn this sport......

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