Saturday, February 11, 2012

William Joseph Tsunami Bag (gear review)

What, I actually won something.........that thought went through my head as the message was waiting for me on Facebook for winning the William Joseph Tsunami bag. Having looked for a water resistant bag for the rear deck of my kayak for awhile, I was curious to get this and see how it would fit. I've been looking for something other than a dry bag for the rear deck while camping from the kayak. Something that would be easier to access and still keep water out.
When the Tsunami bag arrived it was immediately placed on the back of the kayak butting up to my K-2 cooler, perfect fit.
Good fit in the kayak

The next logical thing to do was to pack some items that I would normally want access to during the day and see how they would fit. One of the cool things that I noticed upon opening up the pack were the two hard dividers that are held in place by velcro. Your choice to use or not as well as where to place them in the pack.

Internal Dividers

I proceeded to put in my Fishpond guide pack and the two dry boxes that I use to hold electronics as well as wallet and other important gear that are needed on trips. Then added the cooking set, I don't think it will normally travel in the bag but it was a good reference to show off the amount of space that the bag has.

Still room inside the bag for more gear
Here is a shot of the gear that was put inside for reference....

Seeing how nice the bag was it made me functional could this be.
I bet Willy J had no intention of this being used as a stripping basket while wading...but it works.

To see more of their products go to William Joseph Fly Fishing

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