Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fly Rod 004/005

All of the components were waiting at the house tonight when I arrived. After sorting the two blanks and assembling the components I was able to snap a picture of everything together.
Each rod is being built on a High Modulus Graphite blank which is 9ft and made up of four pieces. The weight selected is 5wt and are an ideal choice for small streams and rivers. With a very fast action it will deliver a fly at great distances with precision.
To keep the weight down, each rod will have a custom hand made carbon fiber grip made up of two part foam.

The stripper guides are lightweight with double footed snake guides finishing it out. The foregrip will have a four inch piece of rattlesnake skin as an inlay.
The guides will be wrapped in black and metallic copper for the trim, real seet will be a titanium chrome triangular seat with a black insert.

I will put up updates as it progresses.


  1. The grip is intriguing to say the least! That is foam wrapped in carbon fiber? Never held one, looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. It's a two part foam that is mixed then when it hardens you shape it on a lathe. After shaping, carbon fiber is wrapped over it and a finish is applied. They are very lightweight and look great. They also have a better grip when fishing in the rain.