Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainbows in Texas

Today I made it out for an afternoon trip on the Guadalupe river to continue my quest for catching Rainbow trout in Texas. Armed with a 4wt Matthews fly rod and a nice assortment of flies from DragonFly Angler  I took to the water for a wade trip before the cold front hits tonight. After attaching an indicator I tied a San Juan worm  to the tippet with a small midge as a dropper. I worked a section of rapids with various drifts and saw a few trout rising but not much luck there, so I backed off of the rapids and concentrated on a rocky section and it didn't take to long to get the first trout of the day which was close to ten inches. Soon after I saw a bruiser trout cruising upstream looking for a meal, as it went by me I made a flip cast which landed the fly a few feet in front of it. As the indicator went under I gently lifted up on the rod and the fight was on with the bruiser using the current to his advantage. After a few minutes my worm was given back to me by this big trout less the midge. It was a great fight and he would have been released anyway but it would have been nice to get a few pictures. Used a dry fly as the sun set behind the canyon and had no more luck for the day. Not complaining though, that's two trips and two fish caught. Success.

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