Sunday, October 16, 2011

In lieu of Football...................

Foregoing a day of football in order to spend a day on the water turned out to be a lot more fun than sitting on the couch in a dazed stupor as you flip from one game to the next. I'm not saying the game watching is a bad thing, just saying that every now and then you need to back away from the tube and hit the water.
Loaded the truck this morning and headed out to my little peaceful section of the Guadalupe that is heavy with fish and scenery that's easy on the eyes. The good thing is with the recent rain we recieved there was actually a little bit of flow to the river. With the coming of fall it seems you can catch as many fish on poppers as you can on streamers, knowing this I took two fly rods with me today a 7wt BVK and a 4wt Matthews. Put the popper on the 4wt and a black wooly booger on the 7wt and proceeded down the river. Started with the popper and had a few strikes but not many takers so I took it off and tied a hopper on and started catching fish. As the day got warmer I switched to the wooly booger and used it for the remainder of the day with great results as I caught quite a few perch and some smallmouth bass.
What a great day to be on the water and I still get to watch Sunday night football so all wasn't missed.
Be safe on the water............................

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