Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall on the Colorado

As the title reflects, not only was this trip the beginning of fall here on the Colorado river in Texas. It was also starting the beginning of the water level falling on the river due to the river authority stopping their daily release upstream.
It was nice to get away and fish with some good friends as well as a new friend that I made over the weekend. It's amazing the nice people that you meet on trips like these.
The cooler weather helped out and the drop in water put the fish in a more typical river pattern. Fishing was always better where you found current and the slack water meant you needed to fish tight to cover, whether it was wood or grass. The majority of the fish were caught on streamers by DragonFly Angler flies. With the water clear you could see the results of a good spawn as every grass bed you approached there were small bass darting to get out of the way. We fished and paddled around nine miles on Saturday reaching the island with enough time to set up camp and cook dinner over a small propane stove. Still no fires allowed with the drought but with stomachs full from Paul's red beans and rice we settled around the rivers edge with enough stars that a light wasn't needed.
Sunday began with some breakfast then a nice cool wade to get the body going. Caught a few wading then set out in the kayak to the delight of fish after fish accepting the wooly bugger that I chose to throw today. I fished with a 7wt BVK and everything you have heard is true. This rod will flat out lay a fly while casting into the wind.
It's good to be back home but I can hear the river calling........

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